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Porsche Charleston

New Facility - Construction Update 01/20/2018

Demo of the Sprinter building was completed early in the week allowing for demolition of the existing parking lot to take place the remainder of the week. This completes the demo phase allowing us to move into construction of the new building starting next week!

tree property

All concrete curbing throughout the parking lot was removed and hauled offsite this week

vehicle car transport

Heavy equipment mobilized onsite to remove the existing asphalt pavement. This included a milling machine, a water truck to keep the dust down, and a fleet of dump trucks to haul off the asphalt.

transport mode of transport

The milling machine "cuts" the asphalt layer and conveys it into a dump truck that drives in unison with it. This process allows for a clean removal of the asphalt while leaving the sub-grade in tact.

Pm /19/18,4135 Pm

All curbing, asphalt, light poles, and most trees were removed this week allowing construction of the new building pad to begin next week.


The temporary construction office was setup this week and a new power pole was installed to provide temporary power to the site until the new permanent transformer is installed.

Upcoming Week Look Ahead:

  • Haul in structural fill dirt for new building pad
  • Place and compact building pad
  • 3rd party inspection "proof roll" to verify adequate compaction of building pad
  • Start forming and digging building foundation
  • OAC meeting Wednesday
  • Steel & Glass Coordination Meeting

Date Posted: January 20, 2018